Currently, and in order to continue collaborating with new clients, we have created the new “FyC” range, with some of the most demanded products.

It is crucial for us to offer an attractive and competitive product with a market presentation adapted to the idiosyncrasy of the country, since we know that, in addition to the effectiveness of the product, the taste, aspect and appearance make the difference for the final consumer; In order to facilitate entry into your market and help to speed up your commercialization, the “FyC” range products are already registered and ready for your company to carry out the health procedures required in your country.

Working with us means the security to work with a company with extensive experience, always committed to quality, certified (ISO 9001, ISO14001, FSSC2200), with manufacturing processes endorsed by its GMP codex certification and audited by the US authority FDA.

Our intention is to expand this range with new products, according to suggestions from our customers, scientific advances and market trends.

In the following link you can find more information about the “FyC” range. If you want further information about it, or tell us your needs and propose a specific development, please contact us at info@ceregumil.com